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Tax Research Articles - Archived 2012

Failure to Get CPAs Advice on Conservation Easement Donation Leads to Penalties for Taxpayer 12/27/2012

A Practical Guide: Tax Treatment of Repairs and Maintenance Expenditures Under New Regs 12/21/2012

IRS Hints at Simplification of Temp Capitalization Regs; Delays Effective Date to 2014 12/19/2012

Proposed Regs Expand Guidance on Whistleblower Awards 12/19/2012

An In-Depth Look: The Additional .9% Medicare Tax 12/07/2012

An In-Depth Look: The 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax 12/06/2012

New 3.8 Percent Tax on Investment Income and .9 Percent Additional Medicare Tax 12/02/2012

New Capitalization Rules: Opportunities and Traps 11/26/2012

Tax Court Decides If Taxpayer's Coaching Business is a Hobby 11/24/2012

2013 Standard Mileage Rates Up 1 Cent per Mile for Business, Medical and Moving 11/21/2012

Court Sides with Taxpayer on Donation of Conservation Easement 11/21/2012

Tax Planning in the Wake of "Status Quo" Election 11/09/2012

Self-Employment Tax Applies to LLC Member Guaranteed Payments, Tax Court Holds 11/09/2012

IRS Provides Tax Relief to Victims of Hurricane Sandy; Return Filing and Tax Payment Deadline Extended to Feb. 1, 2013 11/02/2012

IRS Releases Certain Inflation-Adjusted Figures for 2013; But Holds Off on Others 10/29/2012

PTIN Renewal Period Underway 10/28/2012

Timelines for Due Diligence and Other Requirements under FATCA 10/24/2012

S Corp Owner Liable for Tax on Entire Vested Accrued Benefit in ESOP 10/23/2012

Supreme Court Declines to Review S Corp Reasonable Compensation Case 10/22/2012

IRS Announces 2013 Pension Plan Limitations; Taxpayers May Contribute up to $17,500 to their 401(k) plans in 2013 10/18/2012

Proposed Regs Would Withdraw Onerous Covered Opinion Rules in Circular 230 10/1/2012

IRS Rejects Basis Harvesting by S Corp Shareholders Attempting to Recognize Built-in Losses 10/6/2012

Special Needs Trust Set Up by Elder Law Attorney Doesn't Qualify as an Exempt Organization 10/18/2012

Tax Court Rejects Attempt to Deduct Artificially Created $37 Million Loss; Penalties Upheld 09/20/2012

Failure to Identify Partners in Partnership Extends Statute, Tax Court Holds 09/19/2012

Failure to Bring Doctor's Note Precludes Finding of Financial Disability 09/15/2012

IRS Puts Employers on Notice Regarding Reimbursement Arrangements 09/13/2012

Court Rejects IRS Attempt to Use Obscure Provision to Deny Casualty Loss Deduction 08/30/2012

Payment of S Shareholders' Liability Wasn't Fraudulent Conveyance 08/17/2012

Proposed Regs Clarify Tax Treatment of Employer Reimbursement Arrangements 08/17/2012

Intermediate Transfer of Inherited IRA to the Taxpayer Is a Taxable Distribution 08/03/2012

Eight Circuit Sympathetic to Taxpayer's Arguments that Cattery Was a Trade or Business 08/03/2012

Ruling Discusses Whether Dividend Equivalents Affect $1 Million Compensation Cap. 07/15/2012

Taxpayer Can't Deduct Lodging and Meals During Transitional Period Relating to Job Change. 07/13/2012

No Deduction for House Donated to Fire Dept. 07/13/2012

IRS Issues New Guidance and Audit Procedures on FICA Taxes on Tips (Plus Client Letter) 07/06/2012

Supreme Court Upholds PPACA; Refresher on Healthcare Law's Tax Provisions 07/06/2012

Prop. Regs Aim to Clarify Requirements for Increasing S Shareholder Basis in Debt 06/25/2012

Temporary Regs Provide Guidance on EGT Portability Election 06/22/2012

Absent Congressional Action, Many Tax Provisions Are Due to Expire at the End of 2012 06/22/2012

Truck Driver Can Take Tax Deduction on Certain Unreimbursed Expenses, Including Clothing. 06/13/2012

Taxpayer Didn't Recognize COD Income on Subsequent Collection Attempts. 06/13/2012

IRS Prop. Regs Would Tighten Rules as to When a Substantial Risk of Forfeiture Exists. 06/10/2012

Increase in IRS Notices Leads to Loss in Productivity for Accountants. 06/10/2012

Trust Beneficiaries Not Liable for Estate Tax. 06/08/2012

Federal Circuit Invalidates Avoided Cost Rule Sec. 263A Reg. 06/08/2012


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Professional tax research

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