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Taxpayer Uses Mitigation Rules to Obtain Refund from Closed Tax Year. 05/09/2014

Court's Rejection of IRS Position on Horse-Related Activity Saves Taxpayer $800,000. 05/08/2014

IN-DEPTH: Interpretation of At-Risk Rules on LLC Debt Guarantees. 04/24/2014

Preparing a Tax Return for a Disabled Veteran - A Step by Step Guide. 04/01/2014

IN-DEPTH: Failure to File Joint Return Precludes Rental Loss Deductions. 03/29/2014

Supreme Court Holds That Severance Payments Are FICA Wages. 03/27/2014

IN-DEPTH: Home Builder Triumphs over IRS; Tax Court Allows Deferral of Millions. 02/28/2014

Complying with Court Order Wasn't Good Enough to Get Dependency Deduction. 02/27/2014

TRENDING: Final IRS Regs Delay Employer-Mandate for Some Medium-Sized Businesses. 02/2014

Form 1099 Questions on Tax Forms Continue to Plague Practitioners. 01/2014

IN-DEPTH: IRS Draft Instructions for Form 8960 Plays Down Gaps in NIIT Guidance. 01/2014

Grad School Deduction Disallowed Taxpayer Was Not Established in a Trade or Business. 01/2014

IN-DEPTH: IRA Withdrawals Pursuant to Forged Signatures by Wife Aren't Taxable to Husband. 01/2014

New Partnership Must Continue Amortizing Start-up Costs of Terminating Partnership. 12/2013

Top 15 Tax Developments of 2013. 12/2013

IN-DEPTH: Final Regs on .9% Additional Medicare Tax Address Repayment of Prior Year Wages. 12/06/2013

Proposed Regs Aim to Restrict Political Activities by Tax-Exempt Organizations. 12/05/2013

IN-DEPTH: 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax Regs Contain Substantial Changes. 12/04/2013

Final Regs on .9% Additional Medicare Tax Address Repayment of Prior Year Wages. 12/02/2013

Final and Prop. Regs on 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax; Rethinks Rules for Dispositions. 11/27/2013

IN-DEPTH: Doubt is Growing on Whether Expiring Tax Provisions Will Be Extended. 11/21/2013

IN-DEPTH: IRS Expands Guidance on Residential Energy Tax Credit. 11/06/2013

An In-Depth Look: Year-End 2013 Tax Planning for Businesses 10/25/2013

An In-Depth Look:Year-End 2013 Tax Planning for Individuals 10/25/2013

Sample Client Letter: Year-End 2013 Tax Planning for Businesses October 25, 2013

Sample Client Letter: Year-End 2013 Tax Planning for Individuals October 25, 2013

Couple Can't Discharge Tax Debt in Bankruptcy - Untimely Filings Were Not Returns 10/11/2013

Tax Court Reverses Course on Gift Tax Issue 10/09/2013

IRS Issues Guidance on Effect of ACA on Certain Health Arrangements 10/05/2013

Couple Can't Discharge Tax Debt in Bankruptcy - Untimely Filings Were Not Returns 10/11/2013

Tax Court Reverses Course on Gift Tax Issue 10/09/2013

IRS Issues Guidance on Effect of ACA on Certain Health Arrangements 10/05/2013

IRS Clarifies Rules for Qualified Real Property Expensed Under Section 179. 9/28/2013

IN-DEPTH: Final Capitalization Regs Contain Many Changes Favorable to Taxpayers. 9/25/2013

IRS Explains How to File DOMA-Related Employment Tax Refund Claims. 9/25/2013

IRS Final Capitalization Regs Contain Many Favorable Changes for Taxpayers. 9/13/2013

IRS Final Regs Issued on Health Insurance Mandate Penalty for 2014. 9/11/2013

A Practical Guide: Sustainable Research Tax Credit Claim. 9/01/2013

A Closer Look: Health Insurance Tax Credit for Small Business 8/28/2013

Final Meal and Entertainment Expense Regs Clarify Who Is Subject to the Limitations 8/14/2013

A Practical Guide to Perfecting Your Tax Research Techniques and Assessing Reasonable Tax Return Filing Positions (Contributing Author: Peter J. Scalise) 8/2/2013

No Home Office Deduction for Employee Working from Home for Her Own Convenience. 7/17/2013

New DOMA Update: An In-Depth Look at the Tax Implications of US v. Windsor. 7/05/2013

Inappropriately Signed Return Keeps Statute of Limitations Open. 6/07/2013

Does Issuance of Form 1099-C Dissolve Debt? Bankruptcy Court Parts Ways with Other Courts. 05/23/2013

Lack of Signed Release Costs Noncustodial Parent Dependency Exemption and Child Tax Credit 05/09/2013

Taxpayer Can Deduct Unallocated Support Payments in Full as Alimony 03/27/2013

A Step-by-Step Guide: Preparing a Return for a Disabled Veteran (Contributing Author: Kathryn Morgan) 03/14/2013

IRS Suffers Estate Tax Loss: An In-Depth Look at Estate of Kite v. Commissioner 02/18/2013

Loving v. IRS: District Court Slams IRS for Overreaching Its Authority 02/01/2013

American Taxpayer Relief Act(ATRA)of 2012: An In-Depth Analysis 01/04/2013

IN-DEPTH: The Additional .9% Medicare Tax 12/07/2012

IN-DEPTH: The 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax 12/06/2012

New 3.8 Percent Tax on Investment Income and .9 Percent Additional Medicare Tax 12/02/2012

Tax Court Decides If Taxpayer's Coaching Business is a Hobby 11/24/2012

Supreme Court Declines to Review S Corp Reasonable Compensation Case 10/22/2012

S Corp Owner Liable for Tax on Entire Vested Accrued Benefit in ESOP 10/23/2012


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Dear Tax Professional,

My name is James Levey, and a few years back I founded a company named Kleinrock Publishing. I started Kleinrock out of frustration with the prohibitively high prices and difficult search engines of BNA, CCH, and RIA tax research products ... kind of reminiscent of the situation practitioners face today.

Now that Kleinrock has disappeared into CCH, prices are soaring again and ease-of-use has fallen by the wayside. The needs of smaller firms and sole practitioners are simply not being met.

To address the problem, I’ve partnered with a group of highly talented tax analysts to create Parker Tax Publishing ... a company dedicated to the idea that comprehensive, authoritative tax research information service can be both easy-to-use and highly affordable.

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